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Starting and shutting down SpeakOn

To start SpeakOn, either use the icon on the desktop or alternatively start it from the Start menu

Start > Programs > SpeakOn > SpeakOn CalcPad

When you start SpeakOn, a plain window appears. The window has no widgets or menu and it is only there to indicate that SpeakOn is running and to make sure that SpeakOn receives the keyboard input.

There is no visual interface to SpeakOn. The user builds a mental picture of the different elements and the state of the system at any time using the speech feedback. In fact, the computer screen is not required.

SpeakOn starts by announcing that the Calculator task has started and the focus is placed at the Pad EditCombo control where calculations are performed. This is the only control in this task.

To shut down SpeakOn, in the Manager task press the 'Menu' [Alt] key. This brings the Main menu and you are placed in the 'Shut Down SpeakOn' menu item. Press the 'Select' [Enter] key and SpeakOn will shut down.

You can also shut down SpeakOn by closing the SpeakOn window in the usual Microsoft Windows way by pressing [Alt + F4] on the main keyboard.

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