RNIB Newsagent support in SpeakOn MediaSuite

Newsagent (formerly known as NTNM) is a service provided by RNIB in he UK. You can get all the information you need on the
RNIB Newsagent website

SpeakOn Media suite supports Newsagent eText and Audio publications. You can easily browse the Newsagent publication catalogue, and in one click you can download, clean, restructure and start to listen to these newspapers and magazines. There are also a number of advanced features to make reading Newsagent publications efficient and enjoyable as explained further down the page.


Quick SpeakOn MediaSuite overview

Newsagent eText publications support features

Newsagent Audio publications support features

Newsagent tutorial

Update, installation, getting started and other information

Quick SpeakOn MediaSuite overview

SpeakOn is a free self-voicing program for the Windows OS so you can use it with your desktop, laptop or tablet. It is designed for people who are comfortable using computers. SpeakOn handles all kinds of media using the same user interaction. It is designed for ease of use with minimal shortcut keys.  While user interaction is similar in many ways to a typical Windows application, SpeakOn is different and new users should be prepared to spend time learning how to use it. SpeakOn is about speech; there is nothing to be seen on the computer screen and thus no magnification. there is no support for Braille. You can either operate SpeakOn using a Standard keyboard, a Numerical keypad, a TouchScreen or a TouchPad.

Newsagent eText publications support features:

The SpeakOn player works with Newsagent eText publications in the same way that it works with all other media that SpeakOn supports. This includes one handed operation, level navigation, returning to a publication where you left off and bookmark support. Specific features for Newsagent eText include:

As an alternative to using the SpeakOn player, SpeakOn can generate HTML output of the cleaned / restructured publications for use with external devices.

Newsagent Audio publications support features:

* Download publications in podcast fashion for use by either the SpeakOn player itself or external devices.

Newsagent tutorial

The specific Newsagent (NTNM) eText tutorial is:

The specific Newsagent (NTNM) Audio tutorial is:

Update, installation, getting started and other information

Regardless of whether you update from an old version or install SpeakOn MediaSuite for the first time, you need to add the NTNM eText and / or NTNM Audio. Adding and removing plug-ins is described:

Instructions for updating from an older version are:

SpeakOn MediaSuite is available free from:
This page contains information about SpeakOn, the types of media it supports, links to the download page, manual and mailing list.

More specifically:

Start by reading the
Installing SpeakOn and getting started section
For convenience, this section contains separate 'Getting started' pages for using the Standard keyboard, Numerical keypad, TouchScreen and TouchPad.

The revised manual is:

The step-by-step tutorial section in the manual is:

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