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Important information before you start and supported media

SpeakOn can be used with the Standard keyboard, the Numerical keypad (NumPad), TouchScreen or TouchPad.

The Standard keyboard provides all the functionality for operating SpeakOn and is recommended for new users. When you feel comfortable with the Standard keyboard, you might like to learn how to use SpeakOn with any of the other interaction types; you will find that operation principles and keys' use are very similar across all interaction types.

There are separate 'Getting started' pages for all types of interactions; if you have not used SpeakOn before, always start with the 'Getting started with the Standard keyboard' page and then follow the tutorial.

SpeakOn enables you to easily enjoy both mainstream media and media services available to the VI (visually impaired) community.

When you install SpeakOn, mainstream media is available by default. VI community services' media is available after you install additional plug-ins; a process that takes a couple of minutes and is explained

The following is a summary of the media available:


VI community services:

You can customize many of the services above. For example, you can create and organize your music in directories of your choice. Also, you can add your favourite radio stations and organize the links to your favourite podcast resources. Similarly you can organize your magazines and books.

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