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General notes about settings

Many features in SpeakOn should work without requiring you to modify any settings following installation. However, you may want to configure SpeakOn for your requirements.

All SpeakOn's common user settings can be done from within SpeakOn itself, from its Main menu by launching the appropriate settings tasks; these are explained in detail in the Tutorial for each of SpeakOn's tasks.

Alternatively, these common settings are all located under a single folder in:
Windows Vista Seven and Eight
Windows XP
C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\Application Data\SpeakOn\MediaSuite

This folder in turn contains sub-folders for each group of settings as follows:

The configuration files are self-explanatory with commented instructions for modification in each file.

General notes on how to modify settings manually:

You are discouraged from modifying these settings manually as simple errors may cause SpeakOn not to function properly; virtually all settings you will need can be done from within SpeakOn itself using the various settings tasks. However should you have to change these settings manually, follow the guidelines below.

All these settings are located in simple text files with the file extension '.txt'. Only modify these files using a text editor such as Notepad. Do not  use a word processor to modify these files as you can make them unreadable.

Most of these text files contain a key - value pairs separated by the '=' character. For example:

directory=C:/my directory

You need to locate the relevant key as described in the documentation or comments in the files themselves and modify the value. For example, if your directory above is C:/Radio, modify the line above to:


Note that all directories must be specified with the forward slash '/' and not the back slash '\'.

These files can include comments or instructions. To specify a line as a comment simply type the character '#' (a hash sign without apostrophes) at the beginning of the line. For example:

# This is a comment

Regardless of the method of modifying settings, your settings should not normally be affected by an installation upgrade. In other words, you do not have to modify these settings.

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