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Starting and ending media tasks

Starting a media task:

To start a media task, you must be in the Manager task which acts as a launch pad for other tasks. If you are not in the Manager task you will first need to end the media task you are in before you start another one.

In the Manager task, the focus is placed at the first (and only) 'Available media' control which is a list containing all the media tasks available. Using the 'Up' [up arrow] (8) key and the 'Down' [down arrow] (2) key, navigate the list to the media task you want and then press the 'Select' [Enter] (5) key. The media task required will be started and the focus will be placed at the Player, the first control of this task. When the task is loaded it will announce that it is ready.

Alternatively, you can start a media task with the focus on the Library by pressing * Select [Ctrl + Enter] (M: Ctrl > Select 5). Later on when you store media in your favourites directories in the Library, you can start a task with the focus directly on your own media in the Library by pressing Nav [F4] (8 long).

Ending a task:

In any task press the 'Menu' [Alt] (9) key to bring up the Main menu and you are usually placed at the 'End task, return to Manager' menu item. Press the 'Select' key to end the current task and then you are back in the Manager task.

Some tasks (which are sub-tasks of a media task) may not allow you to return directly to the Manager. In this case, end this task first by selecting 'End Task' from the Main menu. If in doubt, keep ending tasks using the procedure outlined above until you are back in the Manager.

Alternatively, to end a media task, press the * 'Nav' [Ctrl + F4] key to end the task.

The only task which you cannot end is the Manager task. It is always running to enable you to start other tasks.

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