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Obtaining context sensitive information from the manual

This feature enables you to obtain context sensitive information from the manual directly from SpeakOn using your default internet browser.

The 'Online SpeakOn manual information' sub-menu contains a list of context sensitive information.

You can access this feature from the Help context menu by pressing the Help [F1] (1 long) key.

When you select any of the sub-menu items, SpeakOn launches your default browser automatically with the desired section of the manual ready for you to read.

This manual is always revised for the latest version of SpeakOn. If your version of SpeakOn is not the latest one, you will be asked to update your version first (as the manual is not relevant to your current version of SpeakOn). After updating your version of SpeakOn to the latest one from the Main menu which is a procedure taking only a few minutes, you should be able to view the manual from the Help context menu.

As your default internet browser is used to view the manual, you will need your screen reader or magnifier running before you select this option from the Help menu. You can switch between SpeakOn and your default internet browser in the usual Windows way [Alt + Tab]. Please note that you can always view this manual from the relevant SpeakOn page on the SpeakOn website at:

TouchScreen and TouchPad operations

The following is a gesture equivalent to the actions mentioned above:

Help {swipe left > down} - Brings up the 'Help Context Menu'.

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