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Before you start

This Tutorial covers most features of SpeakOn Media Suite, for brevity it refers simply to SpeakOn.

SpeakOn can be used with the Standard keyboard, the Numerical keypad (NumPad), TouchScreen or TouchPad.

The Standard keyboard provides all the functionality for operating SpeakOn and is recommended for new users. When you feel comfortable with the Standard keyboard, you might like to learn how to use SpeakOn with any of the other interaction types; you will find that operation principles and keys' use are very similar across all interaction types.

The use of these interactions types and their notations in this manual is described in the 'Operation considerations, keyboards and keys' notation' page.

Before you start SpeakOn, make sure that you are connected to the internet; SpeakOn relies on the internet for accessing remote media resources.

As SpeakOn is self-voicing, read 'How to operate SpeakOn alongside your screen reader'. After you have learnt how to start SpeakOn, learn how to adjust the speech and audio. Then learn about the Manager task which enables you to start all available SpeakOn media tasks and enables general operations such as checking for version information, updating SpeakOn and changing global synthesizer, voice and messages settings. Then, learn how to start media tasks which enable you to find and listen to or read media. The media tasks available depend on the plug-ins you add or remove and these are operations you can also perform using the Manager.

The Tutorial for each media is self contained. You can either follow in sequence the different topics explaining the use of each media. Alternatively, you can skip to the media of most interest to you.

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