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Installation directory, User settings directory and log file

This page specifies the location of the installation directory, user settings directory and log file in Windows. The details for Linux will be published here once the port is completed.

To make this manual as cross platform as possible, a directory path is specified with forward '/' for all OS.

Installation directory

C:/Program Files/SpeechHub
C:/Program Files (x86)/SpeechHub

User settings

Windows Vista Seven and Eight
Windows XP
C:/Documents and Settings/yourusername/Application Data/SpeechHub/SpeechServer

The settings directory and its contents are generated automatically the first time SH is run by copying the relevant default settings from the installation directory. Removing any settings' directories or files result in SH generating these again once started with the default values restored.

Log file

The log file log.txt is located in the user settings directory above. This log file is newly generated each time SH is started. The log file indicates:

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