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Adding SpeechHub support to the SpeakOn MediaSuite portable installation

SpeechHub can be used with the SpeakOn MediaSuite portable installation. You first need to install SpeechHub on your computer as described in a previous page in this section.

SpeechHub can only be installed in a USB type read write portable drive as it needs to write its settings to the drive.

It is assumed that you have created a SpeakOn MediaSuite portable installation which is done from the Manager
menu: Tools > Portable installation

Assuming that SpeakOn MediaSuite is installed to drive 'F', a folder named 'Applications' is created.

To add SpeechHub to the portable installation, all you need to do is copy the SpeechHub folder installed on your computer to the portable drive:

C:\Program Files\SpeechHub
C:\Program Files (x86)\SpeechHub


Resulting in:

After starting the portable version of SpeakOn MediaSuite which is done by clicking (pressing Enter) on the:
the SpeechHub synthesizers are available as explained in a previous page in this section.

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