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SpeakOn CalcPad (referred to in this manual for simplicity as SpeakOn) is a free, formula-based, self-voicing calculator that runs on your PC.

SpeakOn has been developed for people who are comfortable using computers. It does not require a screen reader or magnifier; it does not have a visual interface and in fact does not require a screen at all. You communicate with SpeakOn using a standard keyboard and SpeakOn responds with speech.

SpeakOn is available only in English, it supports the eSpeak and SAPI5 synthesizers. In addition it supports more voices automatically when SpeechHub is installed.

As a formula-based calculator, the user types the calculation into an EditCombo control using standard mathematical notations, presses Enter and the calculation is performed; the result is displayed in the same EditCombo. All successful calculations are also stored as history sequentially in the same EditCombo ready to be performed again if required.

Complex calculations are simplified using functions in a similar way to formulae in a spreadsheet. If the user remembers a function, he can just type it in otherwise all functions are listed and can be entered automatically ready for use.

Standard memory operations are supported but in addition, SpeakOn uses the concept of variables which are effectively an unlimited number of memory storage holders ready for use. Variables provide a powerful way to express calculations. A variable holds a numerical value which can be entered as a separate calculation otherwise SpeakOn asks the user to enter a value for the variable during the calculation phase.

SpeakOn can be operated in a standard or scientific mode. The Standard mode is used for simple calculations and supports a limited number of functions. The Scientific mode offers a variety of functions for operations such as trigonometrics, hyperbolics and statistics; angles in degrees and radians are supported as well as engineering notation. The Scientific mode also supports string variables which can hold any string of characters. This feature is particularly useful for specifying function arguments for repeated use.

The user can save an individual calculation for future use as well as a group of calculations called sets. Sets are provided currently for mainly simple unit conversions; more types of provided sets will be available in the future.

A note of caution!

It is said that every program has bugs (errors); they are just waiting to be found! SpeakOn CalcPad is no exception. Effort has been made to reduce calculation errors by using established maths libraries where appropriate but errors are possible.

This documentation was written in good faith and attempts to instruct and present good practice in operating SpeakOn CalcPad. Again, be aware that errors and omissions are possible.

So enjoy SpeakOn CalcPad but use at your own risk; see the license terms at the end of this section.

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