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Learning how to use SpeakOn

SpeakOn CalcPad is not difficult to learn if you follow the suggestions below.

The user interface for SpeakOn applications, currently MediaSuite and CalcPad, is the same. You operate SpeakOn CalcPad as usual with the Desktop keys. The numerical keypad can be used as an alternative to enter numbers and arithmetic operators in the usual way; otherwise it has no special purpose, unlike in MediaSuite.

You may wish to keep this manual open while running SpeakOn for quick reference until you are comfortable using it. You can switch between SpeakOn and your internet browser in the usual Windows way [Alt + Tab].

Start by following the
'Installing and getting started with SpeakOn' section
which provides a very basic guide to SpeakOn and will enable you to start using SpeakOn quickly. Then follow the
Tutorial section
which will take you step by step through typical usage of SpeakOn and its tasks. After the Tutorial, you should be able to operate the most common features of SpeakOn CalcPad comfortably. To expand your knowledge further, you may wish to look at specific topics and get more information from the
'Reference - Operating SpeakOn' section

'Technical Information' section
is provided for interest only, and it is not necessary to read it to use SpeakOn.

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