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Important information about settings

This section is intended for advanced users and contains additional information not available in the Tutorial.

Notes about settings:

SpeakOn is installed with common default settings automatically configured. All common user settings can be done conveniently from within SpeakOn itself and are explained in the Tutorial. Settings in this section are not necessary for common operations; information is provided here for advanced users.

The terms 'Folders' and 'Directories' refer to the same thing - the file system structure on your computer. The term 'Folders' is used by the Windows OS and 'Directories' is used by some of the Unix / Linux OS distributions. Some distributions such as Ubuntu use the term 'Folder'.

SpeakOn uses the term 'Directory' in its Library and configuration files. Each media task in SpeakOn contains its own directories,

Note also that SpeakOn uses the forward slash '/' notation whenever a directory path is specified in configuration files - do not use the backslash '\' as this will cause problems in operation.

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